11 Plus Mock Exams 2015 / 2016

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We provide written mock tests in English, Maths, Verbal, Non-Verbal and Numerical Reasoning carried out under real exam conditions. Our mock tests meet the requirements for both grammar and private school entry and cover most of the topics and techniques likely to be examined. Mock tests familiarise your child with the 11+ exam setting helping to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Reduce Exam Nerves 

Improve your child’s confidence, speed and accuracy 

Tests Carried Out Under Exam Conditions 

All 11+ Grammar and Private School Subjects Covered 

Students Practice Completing Computer Answer Forms 

Track Examination Performance 

Give your child the best chance of success 

The 11+ Mock Exam Course consists of 11 mock exam sessions over the year covering Maths, English, Verbal, Non-verbal and Numerical Reasoning. Mock Exams are held monthly during term time from January to December each year and take place at: The Antoinette Hotel, Beaufort Road, Kingston KT1 2TQ.

Our Mock Exam Course ensures that your child has the opportunity to practice plenty of papers in a formal setting prior to their real 11+ exams. This will help improve your child’s confidence and will give you plenty of time to address any weak areas as highlighted in our detailed reports

11 Plus Mock Exam Structure

For the first part of the course (January to April), we use our unique ‘teach and test’ approach. This enables the children to familiarise themselves with the methods, techniques and timing requirements for each subject (maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning) in an efficient but non-pressured environment. 

After this, during the second part of the course, the children are given 11+ Mock Tests in each subject, carried out under real exam conditions including the practice and completion of the multi-choice computer answer forms as required. Examination results will be recorded in each subject and a detailed report sent enabling parents to monitor their child’s exam performance. 

11 Plus Mock Exam Information 


10:15- 13:15 (3 hours) 

10:15 – Maths/VR Paper 

11:00 – NVR/English Paper 

11:30 – Break 

11:45 – Maths/VR Paper 

12:30 – English/NVR Paper 

13:15 – Exam Ends 

Y4/5 MOCK EXAM COURSE: ME2 - 2015 'COURSE FULL'      2016 'Limited Space'

14:30- 17:00 (2.5 hours) 

14:30 – Maths/VR Paper 

15:15 – English Paper 

15:45 – Break 

16:00 – Maths/VR Paper 

16:45 – NVR Paper 

17:00 – Exam Ends

Mock Exam Course Fees

Registration Fee: A non-refundable registration fee of £100 is required to book your child’s place on one of our Mock Exam Courses. 

Total Course Fee for one year payable by standing order in monthly instalments of £75 in advance starting from December 2014 (or from the first month of tuition) and running up to and including November 2015. 

If your child is also attending our one year 11 Plus Y5 Preparation Course, then a single monthly standing order payment should be set up to cover both courses. 

Booking Information

To book your child’s place you will need to complete the on-line Registration Form. Please check you have the correct course code before completing the form. 

You will then receive an email explaining how to pay. Once you have paid the registration fee and completed all the registration requirements, we will send a second email confirming your child’s place and providing further details about the course as needed. 

Please note: Places on our 11+ Mock Exam Courses are limited and strictly allocated on a first come first serve basis.